Thursday, February 24, 2011

Come and get your Tan Dan!

I like Snakes On A Plane. Do you like?
You like Madonna? She has many childrens.
Where Mickey Mouse live?
These were the three top questions from Tan Dan today. Our friendship grows every day. Today Tan Dan gave a cup of his personal stash of tea… offer not to be refused from any Chinese person. Tan Dan also asked me if I wanted to get a beer this weekend…”Of course we can go have beer this weekend Tan Dan…I am at your service.”
Tan Dan also started singing Elton John’s song “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” I couldn’t resist, “Tan Dan, you know that Elton John is gay right?”
Tan Dan got this confused/shocked/terror look on his face. “You not tell truth!?” The comment came in a tone that suggested I was pulling his leg. I just shook my head…
“It’s true Tan Dan, it’s true.”
I tried to soften the blow, “Tan Dan, he’s still a good singer/person; there’s no reason not to like him.”
Tan Dan mulled that over for a while. Then he said that The Queen likes Elton John. Again, I couldn’t resist! “That’s because One Queen loves another!”
Tan Dan looked confused. I tried to explain, but I think it was lost in translation. It was pretty funny though! It turns out that Tan Dan lived in the UK for a couple years. I can’t wait to go out for drinks. I think it will be good times!
So I have another story that I’ve forgotten to blog about. This one happened about a week ago. There is a new development with Mr. G, my driver. It turns out that Mr. G has a DVD player built into his car. It has a screen in the front console between the seats. One day on the way back, Mr. G pulled out a pile of DVD’s and said something in Chinese. I assumed he was asking if he could watch a movie….seemed risky…but what the hell.
Mr. G pops in a DVD and it starts playing Chinese music videos. John Xie was still with me at this point. He would sit up front for navigational purposes. So I watched between the seats and enjoyed some weird Chinese videos. One of the songs that came on had a chorus of “Nobody, Nobody, but you!” It had a catchy beat and at least had an English chorus…so that one was pretty good.
It also was in a story format where the band, The Wonder Girls, saved the day when the male star didn’t make it to a performance (They are the backup singers). He is stuck sitting on the toilet before the show starts, because he doesn’t have any toilet paper….So they jump up and sing the song…not exactly as ground breaking as Thriller, but easy to follow.
The next day Mr. G puts the DVD back in the player. I ask John Xie (She-ah) if he can play the Wonder Girls video…John looks confused. I try to explain the song…I sang the chorus…Mr. G pops to life, “Ah! Nobody!” Then he and John start talking…finally the song is played again…John Xie is enthralled! He sits there watching the video like a child. Then when it ends, he immediately starts it over again. We listened to it three more times on the ride home.
The next day, Mr. G already has it cued up for the ride home. So now we hear “Nobody, Nobody, but you!” on the way home each day. I had a new American, Tony, ride with me today. He was a surprised by the DVD player firing up right away on the ride home. He asked me what was going on…I said, “Just sit back and listen to the smooth sounds of DJ-G.” He liked the song. You should try to find it on Youtube, the band is actually from Korea. Today, John Xie sent me a text and told me he bought me a DVD for the Wonder Girls and was mailing it to my hotel! Thanks John.

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